Wannabe Outreach Programs
The "Wanna be" Seminars written by  Brandi Winans, is a proven
system to want to do with their life by developing their natural born
gifts and talents and then put together a strategic a game-plan to get
them there. These are done in group seminars/workshops or
one-on-one counseling.  

The foundation also offers parent and teen workshops to help the
family unit work and understand each others needs. D.i.S.C.
Personality Testing and I-sight for teens, is used in many ways
including counseling, relationship enhancement, employment
assessment, conflict resolution, team building, personal development,
career guidance and as a communication insights tool.

Her latest curriculum includes helping high school, college, Pro and
former Pro athletes and their families transition when the game is

She is scheduling Speaking Engagements and Seminars now for F
of 2018 and Spring of 2019
. Submit your need on the request form.  
The "Wanna be" Seminars are Unique Life Skills Programs that helps
students develop their natural born gifts and talents through behavioral
personality assessments and soft life skills such as Time Management,
Goal Setting, Job Interviews, Resume Writing, Communication, Listening
and Leadership; where there are no grades, and a test they can never

The "Wanna be" Outreach Programs includes Brandi's work as a Life
Coach, Couples Counseling and working with at-risk youth and young
adults ages 14-24.
They partner with schools and organizations including
Knowledge Quest Academy's Alternative Learning Program and the Department of
Juvenile Justice Circuits 6 and Circuit 13. They also work with all Public and Private
Faith based or secular programs at your facility, home or office.