Brandi's enthusiasm for life and rock solid faith comes through in all she
does. Whether as an entertaining keynote speaker or a passionate seminar
leader, her presentations are always fun and powerful. Her "I believe in You"
attitude helped her develop The "Wannabe" Seminars and Outreach
Ministry, which works with teens and young adults to help them develop their
natural born gifts and has impacted her work with The Department of
Juvenile Justice. She is the Co-Chair for The DJJ Faith and Community
Network, Circuit 6, Pinellas County in Florida.  

She is the creator of
The Re-program. ( and
co-author of a book called
"Harness the Power" how to develop your
passions.  Her personal memoir,
"The Flip Side of Glory" is the powerful true
story of her marriage to former NFL player Jeff Winans, and their
heart-wrenching story of love, acceptance and hope, fighting for what you
believe in and never giving up.

Brandi is also a Family Advisory Board Member of Concussion Legacy
Foundation (formerly Sports Legacy Institute),Borad of Director for
Generation Foundation, Past Board of Director for The Boys and Girls Club
of the Suncoast, DJJ Volunteer Chaplains Program, Legends Community,
NFL Alumni, and the Speaker/Advisory Board member of the
Football Players Women Association.
Brandi's Style of Motivating People is
Enlightening and Empowering
Jeff Winans was an All-American athlete in both high school and college. He
played on the national championship football team at USC in 1972, and was
an Oakland Raider when they won Superbowl XV. He retired from football
due to injuries suffered, in 1981. In 1984, he suffered an accidental gunshot
injury which eventually took his right leg just below the knee.. During the
course of many hospital stays and multiple surgeries, Jeff founded D.F.O.C.,
Inc, in 1992 with his wife Brandi, to make a difference to
abused and
terminally ill kids, teens and young adults. In 1998, Brandi took over as
President and continues the mission in Florida to develop their natural born
gifts and talents to teens and young adults. No salaries are taken.
Jeff Winans, the co-founder of Day For Our Children, Inc.
passed away unexpectedly at his California home, Dec. 21st,
2012.   Jeff is also survived  
by his son Travis, his greatest blessing.
In Memory of Jeff Winans     
October 12th, 1951 - December 21st, 2012
UPDATE: January 2014
Brandi Winans received news from Dr. Ann McKee on the results of the neuropathology study of brain samples
from her husband, Jeff Winans. Jeff died unexpectedly just before Christmas 2012 and had committed to provide
brain tissue to Dr. McKee’s Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy at Boston University.

The study did find presence of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) as most expected. But Dr. McKee also
discovered Argyrophilic Grain Disease, which is not normally present until a much older age. Brandi wanted to
share this information with everyone.