"On behalf of the OVT Teen Society and OVT Teen Magazine, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you
for your commitment to making this event so successful as one of our Keynote Speakers. Each and
every bit of inspiration of encouragement does make a difference toward insuring that we reach our
goals. We appreciate all that you have done and look forward to your involvement in our future
endeavors. Also, Thanks for being our MC at our First Annual Youth Empowerment Summit.".
  Stephanie Ecklin, Publisher/CEO  OVT Teen Magazine

"On behalf of Business Professional Women (BPW), I would like to thank you for participating as one
of our speakers at our annual BPW Summit"
          Kitty Rawson

"Thanks Brandi for the times of giving and your dedication to the Britt House. Thank you for teaching us
about skills for life and God's plan for our life."
J.K., Britt House Resident

"Thank you for coming to my party and speaking. Your words were really moving and gave me a good
foundation for a start in college."
Anthony Battaglia

"Failure is Success. Be yourself; be unique and plan for the future."
12th Grade Student, Osceola High School

"Walking Proud makes your self confidence huge! This was the best thing ever! I am going to live life
to the fullest."
Clearwater High School Student

"The most important thing I learned was that you can't be afraid of failure! Failure is Success!"
11th Grade, J.R.O.T.C. Student Clearwater High School

I learned about setting Goals and having a partner to keep me accountable."
10th Grade Student, Northeast High School
Testimonials from Wannabe Seminars and Outreach Programs