Day For Our Children

Day For Our Chldren (DFOC) is an educational non-profit 501(c)(3)
organization celebrating its 21st year. The company was envisioned and
founded by former NFL Player Jeff Winans and his wife, Brandi. Their focus
has always been to work with teens and young adults of all ages to help them
prepare for their future. Brandi took over as President in 1998 and Jeff
continued his work in California before passing away December 21st, 2012.
His dream to help others continues with the extended programs of
Life/relationship coaching, Conflict Management and other programs.

The Benefits:

Our seminars allow young minds to discover their unique gifts and
talents and build self-esteem and confidence.
Their involvement
empowers them to learn how to understand themselves and
negative thoughts.
Through the use of D.i.S.C.(r) and the
I-Sight Teen Personality Test, their engagement in Group Exercises,
students learn how to communicate and listen. All the while, we instill Team
building skills through problem solving and decision making exercises that
promote making better choices. And lastly, they walk away with Presentation
Skills, Time Management Awareness, Job Interview Skills, and Identification of
proper Social Etiquette. We
“Inspire so they can Aspire” to develop the
discipline they need to accomplish their goals.

Most importantly: they have fun learning
about themselves and their future.
To help our teens and
young adults, become all
they can be in life. By
developing their natural
born gifts and talents, they
can plan their future and
become productive adults.
Regardless of their
DFOC believes

“We are all Possibilities
waiting to happen.”

Past Corporate
Sponsors include

Brighthouse Networks
Alcoa Aluminum
ASI Building Products
Continental Airlines
Choice Medical Supply
Crown Eurocars
Dimmitt Cadillac
Sirata Beach Resort
David Wells Foundation
NGI, Inc.
Outback Steakhouse, Inc.
Pepin Distributing
Anheiser Busch
Carrabbas Italian Grille
Pizza Hut, Ray Glazebrook
St. Petersburg Kennel
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
USA Sprint Print
WTBN 570 & 910am
Christian Talk Radio

Contact us for more information
on how you can make a difference
to our Wannabe Outreach Programs.